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What is (En)courage?

The world has yet to hear the stories of the millions of women whose hands and feet have been fully committed to the pursuit of championing the discipleship of the kids and families in our communities. These women, motivated by a calling and deep sense of the purposes of God, are leaders that are on a journey … A journey that includes navigating unique roles, responsibilities, barriers, opportunities, wins, losses, life, death, joy, sorrow, wide-open places, and seemingly unpassable valleys. As a woman, the rhythms of this journey can feel lonely, isolated, awkward, unsure, and overwhelming. It takes a resolute courage to lead in ministry as a woman, doesn’t it? This is why we have chosen to call this online gathering of women who lead in ministry (En)Courage.

The purpose of this two-day online event is not only to gather women who lead in ministry for the purposes of growing as leader. It is to seed hope and encouragement- to literally GIVE courage- into the lives of the women who set the very course of discipleship for the current and future generations of the church. Through powerful main sessions, enlightening workshop sessions, and opportunities to connect to likeminded female leaders, our prayer is that these amazing leaders emerge from (En)Courage resolute in their belief that there is God who created them, called them, and has fully equipped them to lead. No more apologizing for your God-given gifts. No more holding back on the vision He has entrusted you with. No more diminishing the unique ways He has made you to do this ministry. Your leadership matters. Let’s rise up and lead kids and families to Jesus together.  

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