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What is a Breakout session?

Breakout sessions are approximately one hour training sessions. At CPC these are led by ministry leaders and experts, and offer you a comprehensive learning experience. With over 100 breakouts to choose from, they are organized into Tracks and Topical Categories to help you identify what would best meet your training needs. 


Tips to help you decide what's best for you.

TRACKS:  Tracks are a series of breakouts put together to walk you through a topic more holistically.  They are uniquely curated courses of content specifically focused on an area identified as a need in the children’s ministry landscape.  Click CPC19 Tracks & Categories for the full track listings.  NOTE: You can sign up for courses that are part of a track as individual courses as well.

INTENSIVES:  Sometimes an hour breakout is just not long enough to cover a topic!   So these options are a two hour breakout that will occur during Breakouts 1&2 on Wednesday and Breakouts 3&4 on Thursday.  Both intensives will be offered both days.

CATEGORIES:  All of our breakouts have been grouped into a category to help you narrow down your choices.  A list of the categories can be found at the end of the CPC19 Tracks & Categories