How to register for breakout sessions if you are already registered | incmhelp

How to register for breakout sessions if you are already registered

- Log into your account here by clicking "Already Registered?" below the boxes to enter name and email.

- Enter your email address and confirmation number on the next page. 
The confirmation number can be found in the confirmation email you received or you can click the link & the system will resend it to you.
Please DO NOT CUT AND PASTE this number. Please re-­type it in.

- Click "Ok" in the bottom right corner.

- In the upper left corner, click "Modify/Update Registration"

- Click "next" at the bottom of the first two pages to continue to the breakout registration selection.

- Add your breakout selections to your registration 

* Please note: You will be given the opportunity to select 5 breakout sessions. The hour that you do not select a breakout for will be your hour to use your Resource Center VIP Pass*. 

- Click "next" at the bottom of the page.

- On the Submit Payment page, click "FINISH" to save your changes.


Tips for a great experience: 

- To find the breakout you are looking for, keep in mind that all of the breakout sessions are organized alphabetically by title within each breakout session time. 

- Make sure you use the CPC18 Breakouts PDF as your guide for the breakouts you want to attend- it's much easier to choose your breakouts there than to scroll through the registration pages. 

- If you realize that there is a breakout in a particular hour that you need to de-select, you can do so by clicking the "Clear Selection" button at the bottom of the breakout section. 

-Wondering what the Resource Center VIP Pass is? This is your all-access pass to a unique, dedicated time for exploring the Resource Center. There, you'll experience exclusive perks and receive special bonuses! You'll receive your VIP Pass when you check in at CPC18! This will be your ticket to awesome!

Your breakouts will then be saved to your registration. When you arrive at CPC18, you will receive your name tag with your unique QR code. This code will get you access to the breakouts you selected. 

We're excited for how this will enhance your experience at CPC18! Thank you for taking these important steps to secure your spot in the breakouts you want to attend!