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How do I change my Breakout selection

To change a Breakout Selection while you are still choosing them:
If you are in the process and realize that there is a breakout in a particular hour that you need to de-select, you can do so by clicking the "Clear Selection" button at the bottom of the breakout section, or simply click a different selection.

If you have already registered and change your mind at a later date, you can:

 - Log into your account by clicking "Already Registered" below the boxes to enter name and email.
- Enter your email address and confirmation number on the next page.
(The confirmation number can be found in the confirmation email you received or you can click the link & the system will resend it to you. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE this number. Please re-­type it in.)
- Click "Ok" in the bottom right corner.
- In the upper left corner, click "Modify/Update Registration"
- Click "next" at the bottom of the first two pages to continue to the breakout registration selection.